Monday, February 14, 2011



Do you love to shop for yourself or for others ? If yes , then this is the right type of business for you. There is hardly any investment required.  If you are studying , then you can also do this as a part-time job ,so as to earn some extra income :)

In this busy world , majority of the people have no time to shop. By being their shopping assistant , you can help  in making their life a lot easier! A shopping assistant does not need any formal education as such.

One should know the right place to shop for. A place where you get quality things for a reasonable price. You should update yourself with the current market trends.

Apart from this , you need excellent communication skills, and an impeccable eye for detail.
Before stepping into this business, decide on the type of shopping assistant you would like to be. There could be assistants for grocery shopping,  fabric shopping,  raw material shopping , etc.  

If you cannot decide on a particular type, then keep all options open! That's the best you can do.

Study your neighbourhood first. If the people in your neighbourhood are office-goers, then household/grocery shopping would be the best. 

To start with make a list of the local shops present in your neighbourhood and the type of goods sold by them. This will help you to get an idea of what's around you and where to go when it comes to shopping. You need not pen down all , but just a few important one's. 

Next , comes marketing. Get your business cards printed , advertise on the local daily and distribute pamphlets as well , if u can.   

Apart from this, visit your neighbourhood and spread the news personally. This could bring in a lot of  people wanting your service. 

Customers are very specific when it comes to punctuality.So try to deliver the goods on time! You may need a vehicle for  carrying the articles door to door. If you do not own a vehicle, try  to rent one . 

The fees for your service could be charged monthly / weekly or on daily shopping basis. That should be decided by you depending on the type of customers . Try to be reasonable during the early stages of your business. For a start , it would also be fine if you break-even!!

If people like your services, then there is no need of  marketing your business explicitly. Your customers will do it for you :)

That's it for today folks!  Have a good start !

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