Wednesday, February 9, 2011



The Pet Sitting business is suitable for all animal lovers in the world!  This business is booming internationally. Pet-sitting  could earn you a good full-time income . All of us love our pets. Whenever we go on a vacation we cannot always carry our pets along with us.  This provides you with an opportunity to offer services to these people.

If you cannot find customers to buy your pet-sitting services , your business will never survive. Now, the good news is that finding new clients doesn't have to be hard. With proper advertising there will be no shortage of customers.

People are very particular about their pets. Some consider it as their most precious possession. If you want your business to be a success, care should be taken that there are no negative feedback's from the customer. This is one such business which could fall apart within a day., if the services provided are unsatisfactory.
When you're marketing your business you should put a great deal of time and thought into the preparation of your materials. 

You should analyze every word and picture to make sure that you not only portray the service you provide, but also entice potential clients to take action! 

Once you  get a reply from the client , the information you provide will play a crucial role in solidifying your relationship. Information could be  the food that will be provided to the pets, regular walks ,etc. 

So be  clear and precise with the information you provide. Too much of bluffing will not work here!

If there are other pet-sitting services in your neighbourhood, do some research of the fee charged by them. You should neither over-price nor under-price  your services. 

Before  a customer walks out happily  from your office , you could provide them  with a " Visit Again" card / letter and a brief summary about their pet! This could all the more want them to go in for your services again!Care should be taken of every minute matter.If you do not have a place for setting up your business, you could rent one rather than buying, thus stay on the safer side.
If you are an animal lover then it will be all the more easy for you ! Once started there is no looking back! 

Let the pet owners in your neighbourhood heave a sigh of relief , that they have this option for their pets when they travel!  

That's all for today folks! Hope this  idea has tickled your mind ! Till then bye! Au revoir!

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