Friday, February 11, 2011



In this business you will buy books in bulk online / offline and sell them online. Selling online would be a wiser option , as it is would target a wider spectrum of buyers for your book.
Before you start off with this business ,your homework will be to list down all the reliable auction sites available. Next you have to shortlist a few to start with.

If you have your own collection of books , then half of your effort is saved . If not , search for discount offers on books online/offline . You could also negotiate with your local wholesaler on bulk purchase of books. You need to be focused while selecting the books which you will buy in bulk. Remember that people love variety. An effective sales strategy would be having books on different categories.

More books ,better content means more profit In this way you know which books are high in rating. It is obvious that more the books you buy more the discounts you may get. Thus you will sell the same book by increasing your profit!

Many online sellers are not successful because they do not offer books on different categories. It is just like you cannot stick to one type of food day in n day out!

While deciding on the price one has to take into consideration the shipping charges as well! Else you could end up making no profit!

The worry of being scammed is quite common on the internet. You can resolve this by being in contact with a good drop-shipper.
In order to do this find out a good drop-shipping directory. This directory will provide you with contacts of reliable companies and drop-shippers.

By taking care of all this you could carry out your business in a healthy way! There are many book lovers out there and its never too late or too early to start a business! 

Hope you enjoy earning profit , sitting at home! Till then Ciao! Au revoir!

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