Monday, February 14, 2011



Do you love to shop for yourself or for others ? If yes , then this is the right type of business for you. There is hardly any investment required.  If you are studying , then you can also do this as a part-time job ,so as to earn some extra income :)

In this busy world , majority of the people have no time to shop. By being their shopping assistant , you can help  in making their life a lot easier! A shopping assistant does not need any formal education as such.

One should know the right place to shop for. A place where you get quality things for a reasonable price. You should update yourself with the current market trends.

Apart from this , you need excellent communication skills, and an impeccable eye for detail.
Before stepping into this business, decide on the type of shopping assistant you would like to be. There could be assistants for grocery shopping,  fabric shopping,  raw material shopping , etc.  

If you cannot decide on a particular type, then keep all options open! That's the best you can do.

Study your neighbourhood first. If the people in your neighbourhood are office-goers, then household/grocery shopping would be the best. 

To start with make a list of the local shops present in your neighbourhood and the type of goods sold by them. This will help you to get an idea of what's around you and where to go when it comes to shopping. You need not pen down all , but just a few important one's. 

Next , comes marketing. Get your business cards printed , advertise on the local daily and distribute pamphlets as well , if u can.   

Apart from this, visit your neighbourhood and spread the news personally. This could bring in a lot of  people wanting your service. 

Customers are very specific when it comes to punctuality.So try to deliver the goods on time! You may need a vehicle for  carrying the articles door to door. If you do not own a vehicle, try  to rent one . 

The fees for your service could be charged monthly / weekly or on daily shopping basis. That should be decided by you depending on the type of customers . Try to be reasonable during the early stages of your business. For a start , it would also be fine if you break-even!!

If people like your services, then there is no need of  marketing your business explicitly. Your customers will do it for you :)

That's it for today folks!  Have a good start !

Friday, February 11, 2011



In this business you will buy books in bulk online / offline and sell them online. Selling online would be a wiser option , as it is would target a wider spectrum of buyers for your book.
Before you start off with this business ,your homework will be to list down all the reliable auction sites available. Next you have to shortlist a few to start with.

If you have your own collection of books , then half of your effort is saved . If not , search for discount offers on books online/offline . You could also negotiate with your local wholesaler on bulk purchase of books. You need to be focused while selecting the books which you will buy in bulk. Remember that people love variety. An effective sales strategy would be having books on different categories.

More books ,better content means more profit In this way you know which books are high in rating. It is obvious that more the books you buy more the discounts you may get. Thus you will sell the same book by increasing your profit!

Many online sellers are not successful because they do not offer books on different categories. It is just like you cannot stick to one type of food day in n day out!

While deciding on the price one has to take into consideration the shipping charges as well! Else you could end up making no profit!

The worry of being scammed is quite common on the internet. You can resolve this by being in contact with a good drop-shipper.
In order to do this find out a good drop-shipping directory. This directory will provide you with contacts of reliable companies and drop-shippers.

By taking care of all this you could carry out your business in a healthy way! There are many book lovers out there and its never too late or too early to start a business! 

Hope you enjoy earning profit , sitting at home! Till then Ciao! Au revoir!

Thursday, February 10, 2011



This simple and low investment business of flower making has proved as a boon to many a people. One does not need necessarily need a separate outlet for starting this business. It can be started from home itself , thus making it an easy option for many,especially housewives!

Let me give you a few tips for starting this business at home. If you are a craft lover , then this could be a rewarding job for you!

Artificial Flowers could be made of a various kinds of materials such as paper, silk, stockings, plastic, clay, feathers, wax, etc .
So to start with:
1. Decide the kind of material you are going to use to make flowers.

2. Once done, join a suitable course in your city if you aren't aware of flower making, If there aren't any, internet will teach you. There are tons of videos and step by step methods available for free.Check them out.

3. When ready to start ,do some research on the internet for some patters or flower arrangements. If you are creative enough ,  then you can follow your mind. 

4. Make a list of other articles needed such as green tape for the stem, some pollens, leaves,  glue, pencil, ruler, chalk, sharp scissors, artificial pots, etc. 

Unlike some years ago, all these articles are now readily available in the market.  So by doing this you can save on time as well!  Buy in bulk so as to avail some discounts wherever possible.  

5. Make around 5-10  different  flower arrangements. You should have enough stock to display while marketing your business . You can also be creative and add your own touches to your flowers.

Now come Marketing your business. That's the simplest among all. Start it from your friends,family or neighbourhood.  

Gift them on their birthdays, anniversaries or baby showers with your creative and long- lasting flower bouquets. 

Anybody who loves  creativity and flowers would admire your work a lot! Later its just word-of-mouth. 

Secondly, advertise on local dailies and have some business cards printed.  Visit local flower shops and request them if they could display  your products  and earn a commission for themselves.  Advertise well before the season starts. This could maximise the number of your customers.

Craft fairs are another way to sell your paper flowers. If you are familiar with the internet, you could also sell  online , with the help of online shopping malls such as ebay. 
If you are new to making flowers, you will just need a little patience and practice nothing more.

You can post your business cards in numerous places such as the grocery store, community centers, small private owned boutiques, day care centers, schools and even hospital gift shops . Any public place that allows business cards.

Soon you will find that you are earning  money by just being home with your children! That's a huge advantage  this offers! So if you are all set to start something sitting at home, then work on it right away!  All the best for flower making! Till then Ciao!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011



The Pet Sitting business is suitable for all animal lovers in the world!  This business is booming internationally. Pet-sitting  could earn you a good full-time income . All of us love our pets. Whenever we go on a vacation we cannot always carry our pets along with us.  This provides you with an opportunity to offer services to these people.

If you cannot find customers to buy your pet-sitting services , your business will never survive. Now, the good news is that finding new clients doesn't have to be hard. With proper advertising there will be no shortage of customers.

People are very particular about their pets. Some consider it as their most precious possession. If you want your business to be a success, care should be taken that there are no negative feedback's from the customer. This is one such business which could fall apart within a day., if the services provided are unsatisfactory.
When you're marketing your business you should put a great deal of time and thought into the preparation of your materials. 

You should analyze every word and picture to make sure that you not only portray the service you provide, but also entice potential clients to take action! 

Once you  get a reply from the client , the information you provide will play a crucial role in solidifying your relationship. Information could be  the food that will be provided to the pets, regular walks ,etc. 

So be  clear and precise with the information you provide. Too much of bluffing will not work here!

If there are other pet-sitting services in your neighbourhood, do some research of the fee charged by them. You should neither over-price nor under-price  your services. 

Before  a customer walks out happily  from your office , you could provide them  with a " Visit Again" card / letter and a brief summary about their pet! This could all the more want them to go in for your services again!Care should be taken of every minute matter.If you do not have a place for setting up your business, you could rent one rather than buying, thus stay on the safer side.
If you are an animal lover then it will be all the more easy for you ! Once started there is no looking back! 

Let the pet owners in your neighbourhood heave a sigh of relief , that they have this option for their pets when they travel!  

That's all for today folks! Hope this  idea has tickled your mind ! Till then bye! Au revoir!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Theme Building

With blogging becoming very popular , a new way of earning money has been created.  Each one of us would like our blog to have a theme pertaining to the topic about which we are blogging.  Thus we could personalize the blog.

 You could be the one to provide these people with a variety of themes.  To start off , some research has to be done.

If you look up ‘custom WordPress themes’ on the internet you will find several sites run by people who design themes and make a nice chunk of change from them too.

If you plan to have your own site fr promoting this business , it would be the best option. 

The simplest  way to get started is by offering a variety of designs and styles that will appeal to different bloggers. Secondly, charge a flat fee to anyone who wants to download and use it. This is the first step to gain confidence over your business.  As you become more confident of your design skills you can offer to create custom designs – one offs – to people who require them for a higher price.

A theme could sell of  for $10 - $40 approx. As you master your skills you could get high priced orders too.
Before putting up you theme for sale , make sure that there are no bugs or errors in it. Test it several times. Errors in themes could have an adverse effect on your business. 

Build at least 8 -10 custom themes before you launch your site. Give a proper description wherever possible about the theme and use keywords . This could pull in more traffic to your site.  You may build some basic themes as well and sell them for a lower price.

Knowledge of Wordpress , HTML ,CSS is necessary. Even if you aren't aware of these skills , its not a big hurdle! There are plenty of sites which offer step by step tutorial , video tutorials , etc for learners. If you are a go-getter and love to learn new techniques, then there is nothing  stopping you! 

Hope you learn and start as soon as possible! Better late than Never! Catch you tomorrow with another business  idea! Ciao!

Sunday, February 6, 2011



This business is suitable for all creative people out there! Sell your creativity and craft ideas and earn money.

It can be a rewarding experience if you want to start your own business with very little investment.  You will help people in creating wonderful surprises for their loved ones.
In today's busy world  hardly does  anyone have the patience and time to wrap gifts in a creative manner. And that too when your running short of time!! 

A large worktable is all you need for starting a gift wrapping business. Any corner of your home, such as space set aside in your living room, will do nicely. If you cannot work from home your could drop in at your clients house to do the wrapping.

Some enterprising gift wrappers get into an agreement with local gift stores and malls to set up their businesses there on a temporary basis.


While you can wrap gifts for occasions such as anniversaries , engagement ceremony , baby showers and birthdays all year round, the peak season is during holidays and festival times.

If you are a creativity freak , then you could extend  your business from only gift wrapping to creating wonderful items for different occasions . For example, you could create a ring-holder for engagement ceremonies , etc.

The gift wrapper should start advertising well before the season starts. You could do this by sticking posters wherever possible , distributing pamphlets , advertising on the local daily, radio , etc.


The nice part about gift packaging is that you can start out with little moneyi. GIft wrapping supplies are not too expensive. When you go to shop for the supplies make sure you select a variety of wrapping papers , fancy ribbons , handmade gift bags, acrylic papers,  wrappers with religious motifs, and wrappers with cute designs. Variety is key!

You should take care of every tiny bit! Your wrapping should be almost flawless! The most important part in this business is your punctuality.

People count on you so you should be punctual, else you could lose on customers!

That's it friends! So if your the one , start selling your ideas now ! Ciao!

Saturday, February 5, 2011



When we plan a vacation , the first thought that comes to our mind is about the safety of our house as well as our vehicles back home.Only few of us own a car garage at our house that is fully secured / locked.  
Vehicle Look-After service can prove handy to such people. You can take care of vehicles , may it be cars , SUVs or motorbikes, while they are on a vacation. Car care could include  a routine start-up of the vehicle, so as to maintain the  battery life. For better customer response and if you can afford a helper you could also offer a car wash. Some people are very particular about how their vehicles are maintained in their absence. So you could exploit this gap and earn some profit from it.

If a proper approach is followed as promised  to the customers at the time of  advertising the business, then people would prefer to leave their vehicles at your centre.
If you provide good and reliable service then  the rest of advertising  will be word-of-mouth. As for the price your going to charge will depend  on your location as well as the presence of other competitors if present. So before deciding on the price, do a thorough study.

Storage of vehicles will need ample space. If you want to specialize only in motorbike storage, then the space needed would be comparatively less than that for 4 wheelers. If you do not own a  space , try to rent  some. Renting would be a safer option . 

Seed Capital : 2-3 Lacs INR (assuming you have space  for vehicle storage)
Requirements : Visiting cards, telephone, permission from the Local Authorities.

That's it! So why not give it a try ? It could work wonders if you have a passion for business!!
All the best for a good start!!! 
Keep on checking for the next idea ! Ciao!!  



Do you have the potential of writing some mind tickling matter?Or do you want to make some money online?

If "yes" is the answer then here is an easy way of earning money sitting at home.If you go about in a proper way there is no one stopping you from making big money and you can make it your full time career.

Every minute someone or the other is searching/buying/selling and e-book.Writing an e-book is not as difficult as it seems to be.As long as you are good at writing on some topic and do a little bit of homework and avoid shortcuts,you can make money flow into your account.

If you want your new e-book selling business to be a success,then you should have something that will attract people towards the book.That calls in for original writing.
it need not be an unique topic but the content of your book should be  unique.Do some research about what you are going to write.

Secondly you should decide on a clear title for your e-book.From the title itself the reader should know what the book is about.It should be specific.

Once your ready with this , your e-book is ready to enter the market.

An e-book need not be hundreds of pages long. Dragging a particular topic could turn your e-book into boredom. Even if the book is about a dozen of pages , but has some really good matter, then it will easily sell. 

You have to decide about the price now. Do some research on websites which are selling such products , like eBay, etc. Your book should neither be over-priced nor under-priced, because this is your first e-book. Try to be reasonable.

Next is Marketing your e-book. Try to sell it on eBay or other such sites.  If you can manage to create a mini site only to promote your e-books , then it could work wonders. Mini sites are single page sites  , just  to promote ur e-book in a long sales letter.

When you write a sales letter be sure to include plenty of keywords and phrases to attract a greater volume of search engine traffic to your site. Pick up a relevant domain name too!!

So that's it , and by following  this you could start right away, with hardly any investment!!!!
Do not forget to leave a comment here though :)